Pastor Jeff - November 18, 2013

A Dynamic Church


A Dynamic Church Acts 2:40-47

Unity within the Body of Christ is extremely important. Dr. Luke""s first report on the state of the Church is captivating. Ministry and unity were exemplified within the membership of the first local church as believers were daily added to “those who were being saved”. Sermon Outline: 1. There is a Hunger to Hear from God (v. 42) 2. There is an Exciting Sense of Wonder and Anticipation (v. 43a) 3. The are Unexplained Blessings Occurring (v. 43b) 4. The is a Warm Sense of Community and Belonging (vv. 44-45) 5. There is an Outward Focus (v. 46a) 6. There is Gladness and Laughter (v. 46c) 7. There is Authenticity and Sincerity 8. There is Celebratory Worship (v 47a) 9. They have a Good Reputation within the Community (v. 47b) 10. They are Growing Numerically (v. 47c)  

November 17, 2013 Evening Service - Bulletin


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